Call Center EvaluationThe industry’s premier customer experience evaluation, Transfer Agent INSIGHT, provides firms with service benchmarks and actionable feedback for transaction processing, call center, and correspondence operations.


“Some of the biggest players in the industry are NQR clients, ensuring the benchmark data are relevant.”

– Vice President of Operations, Transfer Agent INSIGHT Client


How are you servicing your shareholders?  Since 1991, NQR’s review of internal and outsourced transfer agents (TA INSIGHT) has provided top financial services companies with detailed evaluations of customer service operations.  Firms are then able to pinpoint service quality strengths and weaknesses, easily bridging the path for process improvement initiatives.


transfer agent oversightTransaction Processing


To ensure an all-encompassing review, NQR collects a random transaction sampling from the transfer agent’s image processing system. Then, we connect to TA processing and/or client systems to verify accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Key Features

  • Quality assessment of transaction processing accuracy and timeliness
  • Criteria based on client preferences, fund industry guidelines, and compliance with IRS and SEC regulations
  • Guaranteed consistency through NQR’s proprietary “rules-based” software that stores and identifies requirements for thousands of load and no-load transactions
  • Root cause analysis provides a snapshot of operational efficiency
  • Unlimited access to a dedicated relationship manager and customized reporting
  • NQR client benchmarking


Our analysis of processing operations reveals both quality strengths and opportunities for improvement.


call center evaluationCall Center


Research suggests that most customers switch to a competitor after a poor service experience.  Conversely, the average cost of a customer service call is only rising.  NQR knows it’s tough to deliver great customer service while minimizing costs, and that’s why we tackle both.


Key Features

  • Statistically reliable quality analysis of randomly selected inbound calls (95%, ±0.15)
  • Customer interaction analytics-  Voice of the Customer, Customer Experience, and CSR Performance
  • Third-party expertise provides business intelligence, call center trends, call patterns, and best practices
  • Unlimited access to a dedicated relationship manager and customized reporting
  • NQR client benchmarking


Our call center evaluation delves into CSR performance and customer satisfaction metrics that help ensure reduced callbacks, liability, and talk time.


shareholder correspondenceShareholder Correspondence


NQR’s correspondence review focuses on accurate, complete, and specific information to handle even the most complicated exchanges.


Key Features

  • Quality evaluation of letters and emails through industry-leading scoring mechanisms
  • Scores for processing time, content, clarity, grammar, and typographical accuracy
  • Detailed feedback on personalization and specificity to the situation
  • Unlimited access to a dedicated relationship manager and customized reporting
  • NQR client benchmarking


Our correspondence assessment helps eliminate the need for additional communication or the costly call center interaction, ultimately lowering operating expenses.





transfer agent benchmarks

Service Quality

  • Leverage NQR’s expertise to identify service gaps and process improvement initiatives
  • Improve client retention and shareholder perceptions of your brand
  • Build your legacy by achieving TA INSIGHT benchmarking awards

transfer agent oversight



  • Reduce operating costs by providing first call resolution and first-time quality
  • Pinpoint operational and regulatory blind spots to swiftly mitigate risk
  • Spend less time retrieving feedback and more time crafting action plans
financial services transparency  


  • Get a holistic perspective on your customer service performance compared to industry peers
  • Gain competitive intelligence on industry priorities through NQR clients navigating the same service quality challenges
  • Supplement with Customer Loyalty INSIGHT for the ultimate customer service quality evaluation


Client Testimonials



“Very thorough, objective review of our processing accuracy and timeliness.  Some of the biggest players in the industry are NQR clients, ensuring the benchmark data are relevant.”

– Vice President of Operations


“We have a very collaborative relationship with NQR.  We have found the value of NQR’s services to be material to our business model.”

– Senior Vice President


“I really appreciate how NQR not only reports quality data but also supports us as quality analysts to improve the overall customer experience at our firm.”

– Quality Analyst


“Our relationship manager is great to work with, provides timely responses to questions, sends reports, and works through exceptions with our transfer agent on a timely basis.”

– Fund Operations Manager


“NQR’s usage of client guidelines combined with their own standards makes it a great solution for other companies looking for an external quality vendor.”

– Senior Support Analyst