Does your organization aim to:


  • Deliver superior customer service?
  • Utilize quality to enhance process initiatives?
  • Implement a company program to improve quality assurance?
  • Create a robust and innovative reporting platform?


We specialize in helping companies from all industries address these initiatives and master the arts of quality, service, reporting, and data analysis.

NQR Institute


NQR Institute (NQRI) provides customer service managers with flexible, practical, and proven resources to enhance quality and service performance.  NQRI collaborates with each client to develop customized business solutions in three categories:


Superior Customer Service Delivery

  • Deliver superior service from the customer’s perspective
  • Facilitate communication techniques for quality managers
  • Integrate service quality programs into new hire training
  • Maximize customer experience and measure voice of the customer
mutual fund service quality  

Strategic Quality Consultation

  • Understand the competition and learn quality best practices
  • Strategically align your quality goals with process initiatives
  • Leverage quality metrics to improve ROI
  • Effectively communicate service quality results to your Board
service quality design  

Quality Program Design

  • Develop and implement key quality metrics
  • Enhance effectiveness of quality assurance
  • Create efficiencies to drive process improvement and reduce rework
  • Understand the ABCs of using quality tools


By leveraging NQR’s skills and knowledge capital, NQRI delivers tailored consulting projects for all personnel, from senior management to front-line operations staff.  Your organization will benefit from our extensive operational experience, best available research, and knowledge of best practices.

Reporting & Data Consultation


It’s challenging to sift through mountains of data to find the right data.  Our robust reporting platforms make it easy.  NQR will even build one to match your organization’s specifications.


financial services reporting
  • Feed all raw data through NQR’s system and let our reporting platforms consolidate it
  • Benefit from instantly generated board-level reports
  • Receive customized reports or have us replicate any of your firm’s internal favorites
  • Leverage our expertise, third-party perspective, and existing applications to generate reports already tried and tested in the industry