fund distribution oversight


The fund industry’s most comprehensive SOC review –

Now available for all your critical vendors.


The regulatory emphasis on 3rd-party oversight is greater than ever.  As a result, fund families seek a deeper understanding of their vendors’ control environments.  Audit reports contain the most reliable intel, but how can funds efficiently capture, analyze, and draw conclusions from the details of each document?


Since 2013, NQR has helped leading fund families review audit reports from the nation’s largest fund distributors.  Now, with Service Provider (SP) INSIGHT, you’ll receive the same, trusted audit report review for your transfer agent, custodian, fund accountant, and all other 3rd-party partners.



  • Eliminate time spent sifting through audit reports
  • Capture and centralize every control detail
  • Pinpoint relevant exceptions and gaps
  • Target follow-up to only high-priority controls
  • Shift focus to strategy and action planning
  • Understand dependencies on 4th-party providers
  • Map user entity controls to internal documentation
  • Reduce duplication of efforts across divisions
  • Streamline Board reporting
  • Limit reliance on questionnaires and certifications