IMI-NQR-INSIGHT-01 Customer Loyalty INSIGHTRobust client satisfaction research can pinpoint operational trends, opportunities, and blind spots.  Customer Loyalty INSIGHT delivers a complete voice of the customer analysis with real-time results.


“I would recommend NQR, if for nothing else their ability to analyze data and execute on time.”

– Director of Service & Operations, Customer Loyalty INSIGHT Client


For over 25 years, NQR has reviewed and handled substantial amounts of service quality data from top industry players.  We now offer Customer Loyalty INSIGHT (CL INSIGHT), a stand-alone service or supplement to our Transfer Agent INSIGHT.  The satisfaction survey projects of CL INSIGHT provide intelligence into which customer concerns need to be addressed before they become a problem.



Key Features




Voice of the Customer Analysis

  • Studies targeting shareholders, brokers, back office, institutional, and retirement markets
  • Electronic surveys to supplement mail and phone feedback
IMI-NQR-INSIGHT-01 Customer Loyalty INSIGHT 

Real-Time Reporting

  • Upload your organization’s goals and track the progress while we retrieve the results
  • On-demand access to response status and survey results per client organization
  • Query results by business line, relationship manager, and survey period
  • Export customizable dashboards and reports to PDF and Excel
IMI-NQR-INSIGHT-01 Customer Loyalty INSIGHT 

Best Practices Consulting

  • Expertise and insights based on NQR clients navigating the same customer service challenges
  • Cross-sectional analysis with NQR’s Transfer Agent INSIGHT data to predict trends in both your firm and the industry







Service Quality

  • Leverage NQR’s expertise to identify service gaps and operational blind spots
  • Improve client retention and shareholder perceptions of your brand
  • Obtain broker and customer referrals
IMI-NQR-INSIGHT-01 Customer Loyalty INSIGHT 


  • Access targeted research results online
  • Spend less time retrieving feedback and more time crafting action plans
  • Reduce processing cycle times
IMI-NQR-INSIGHT-01 Customer Loyalty INSIGHT 


  • Gain competitive intelligence on industry priorities and trends
  • Reveal cost savings and time inefficiencies
  • Detect variations in client satisfaction levels over time
  • Get a holistic perspective on the complexities of customer relationships through supplemental Transfer Agent INSIGHT data